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When Life Gives You Lemons, Turn to Service-Based Franchises

Each morning, individuals, communities and businesses wake up with a set agenda for the day. However, life’s curveballs often interrupt – completely altering intended plans and interfering with normal routines. When “the unpredictable” happens, property-based service-based franchises are one phone call away to help face challenges related to property damage, maintenance issues or technical repairs.

Here’s a few examples of what types of industries or communities require the skill, expertise and quick response of service-based franchises to help get their day and operation back on track:

  • In addition to dealing with everyday disasters like burst pipes and flooded basements, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, BELFOR Franchise Group’s water and flood damage restoration franchise, has recently experienced an increased volume of business in Middle America. This area of the country has and continues to be hit with severe storms and ongoing flashfloods, with countless homes and properties damaged or destroyed. While the road to recovery is still ongoing, the franchise experts are hard at work restoring flooded communities and allowing residents to—slowly but surely—go back to their everyday lives.
  • HOODZ – which implements kitchen exhaust system cleaning and preventative maintenance services in kitchens of all sizes – has seen a significant incline of maintenance requests from restaurant owners. With the mounting pressures of producing quality food, creating “Instagrammable” dining environments and beating out competition to simply get customers in the door, the last thing restaurant operators need is the fear of a kitchen fire. That’s why restaurant owners are placing a higher emphasis on ensuring that kitchens are clean, equipment is highly maintained and that safety-related disasters are avoided.
  • BELFOR Franchise Group’s HVAC restoration franchise, DUCTZ, has also seen skyrocketing growth from highly trafficked areas such as airports, hospitals, shopping centers and stadiums, which typically have a harder time maintaining healthy and clean air. Especially with the growing concern around the flu and measles outbreak, these facilities turn to the highly trained and certified experts at DUCTZ to ensure that they are preventing the spread of airborne diseases and meeting the required NADCA and ACCA standards.

Life is a roller coaster of events and unfortunately, predicting the ups and downs are nearly impossible. When properties are unexpectedly damaged and need immediate assistance, BELFOR Franchise Group’s property-based service-based franchises are fully prepared and equipped to save the day, giving individuals, businesses and communities the freedom to jump back into their daily routines.

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