Featured in Franchising USA Magazine: “Human Connection: The Underlying Key to Franchise Growth”

Ken Osness, Vice President of Franchise Development for BELFOR Franchise GroupWhile incorporating artificial intelligence into a workplace can improve productivity for repetitive tasks, humans will always outperform machines in jobs that require relationship-building and creativity!

Service-based franchises require technical expertise, problem solving and above all, the ability to build relationships with colleagues and customers. As one of the largest and most respected franchisors in the nation, BELFOR Franchise Group has uncovered that a combination of industry notoriety, high-quality training programs, cutting-edge resources, and an unrivaled company culture helps attract outstanding talent. Trust, experience and innovation become natural results when employees regularly connect with one another through routine training sessions, at all levels, and community volunteer projects. BELFOR Franchise Group franchisees are also provided with endless opportunities to first-hand experience a wide scope of large and small restoration projects creating a network of highly skilled and diverse experts.

As companies around the globe continue incorporating technology into their daily operations, BELFOR Franchise Group finds strong merit in team synergy and establishing an empathetic workforce that in turn builds trusting, lasting relationships.

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