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Eight Service-Based Franchise Brands, One Family – BELFOR Franchise Group

At BELFOR Franchise Group (BFG), we consider our network of brands to be a family. Like any family, we uphold our household by working together to communicate needs, overcome challenges and meet our goals.

As the demand for service-based franchises grows, our BFG family continues to expand by hiring new members who align with our culture and values. We recruit candidates dedicated to fulfilling our founding principles: commitment to helping others, passion for building relationships and dedication to providing unmatched services. We also understand that individuals and businesses interested in the cleaning restoration franchise industry are looking for the support and resources that a large, national family like BFG can provide.

In addition to a familial culture, highlighted below are four qualities that BFG uniquely offers to those interested in service franchise opportunities.

  • Well-Established Reputation: No matter the industry, brand reputation determines a company’s growing success. Over the years, BFG has built a team of experts who positively represent our identity. By doing so, we’ve become a well-established and fast-growing name in the industry. Because of our positive reputation, our services are always in high-demand—keeping our team members busy!
  • Quality Training Programs: Across the country, BFG has multiple state-of-the-art training facilities where franchisees just starting out or those more established can access educational sessions and workshops designed to enhance specialized skills. These training programs ensure that the work being done across BFG brands is consistent and the best-in-class.
  • Access to Industry Leading Resources: With the help from our parent company BELFOR Property Restoration (BELFOR)—the world’s largest property restoration company—we have access to world-class resources and are able to equip our employees with the best tools. Investing in high-quality equipment allows our team members to create, deliver and execute services better than any industry competitor.
  • Employee Volunteer Programs: At BFG, we recognize the value of implementing volunteer opportunities into our company culture. We offer opportunities to participate in both national and local charitable initiatives, as well as with BELFOR’s nonprofit organization, BELFOR Cares.

If you are interested in joining the BFG family, please reach out here.

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